Implantology and oral surgery


Implantology is the branch of the dental medicine in which one or more lost teeth in the oral cavity are replaced by the dental implants. It is a combination of oral surgery and prosthetics. In local anaesthesia a sophisticated titanium bolt is installed by an oral surgeon into the jaw bone, imitating the root of the tooth. After a certain period of time, a ceramic crown is added, with which the functionality and the superior aesthetic appearance are achieved. Although every person who has lost one or more teeth is a potential candidate for the for dental implant insertion, certain conditions must be satisfied. The doctor of dental medicine makes decision regarding this in cooperation with the oral surgeon. Of course, with taking into consideration the patient’s medical history, the results of the dental examination and the analysis of the orthopantogram x-ray images.

The implantology procedures are performed by the doctor of dental medicine Leonard Bergovec, specialist in oral surgery.