Laser for soft tissues

The EPIC laser is the most recent laser innovation from Biolase

Polyclinic for orthodontics, prosthetic dentistry, oral surgery and dental laboratory dr. Percač uses in its everyday work the Epis laser from Biolase. This is the only diode laser which combines three unique arts of work (treatment):

  • 1. soft tissues surgery
  • 2. whitening
  • 3. reduction of pain

One of the most promising aspects of the laser dental medicine is enabling the work with less anaesthetics and less tissue damage. The result is improved comfort for the patient and better tissue healing.

Soft tissues surgery

Epic offers the most precise control of tissue cuts. It cuts the soft tissue softer, with more hemostases and without discomfort for the patient. It also includes the aphthae, ulcer and herpes simplex therapy, periodontology treatment and endotherapy with supreme results. In comparison to the classical surgical treatment (with scalpel), after the laser treatment there is no postoperative pain.


Epic is the ideal solution for the teeth whitening. The research has shown that it can whiten the whole jaw in the dental office for a few shades in only 20 minutes.

Exclusive pain reduction therapy

With specially construed extensions it is possible to treat larger surfaces to reduce the pain in the jaw joint region and with painful facial nerves outbreaks (neuralgia n. trigemini, paresis n. facialis).