About us

dental-toolsPolyclinic for orthodontics, prosthetic dentistry and dental laboratory dr. Percač is based on a long tradition. It was founded as the upgrading of the Dental Practice “dr. Percač” established in the year 1991.

The well-organized expert team, individual approach to each patient, exam rooms with modern equipment and our own dental laboratory guarantee the top quality dental services in one place.

In the polyclinic in Čakovec there are three exam rooms with state-of-the art equipment available. Since 2009 we have opened our doors in Varaždin too. Permanent professional development and following the latest achievements in dental medicine rank us to the very top among the providers of dental services, with special emphasis on the aesthetic dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, implantology and orthodontics.

In our care for your oral health we offer a wide range of dental services. Services ranging from smaller interventions to the complex reconstructive procedures, in which the orthodontic procedures and the reconstruction of the bite with the complex prosthetic or implanted constructions are joined, are available. Installation of orthodontic appliances (“dental braces”), ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges, implantation of dental implants, teeth whitening and highly aesthetic fillings are only a part of our services.
Since the healthy and beautiful teeth are a precondition for general health, for the contentment and self-confidence of every person, our mission is to offer the best possible therapeutic solution to you.

Don’t forget, the world needs your smile!

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